Do you want to create a PERFECT CV?

Do you want to improve your chance of getting that job?

Then you need your build your CV with the Career Queen.

I will guide you step by step and take the fear out of building your CV!

  • You can have the CV that can show your skills and I can show you how to stand out from the crowd and get YOU that job!
  • Whether you are struggling with what language to use, self-belief, or how to sell yourself, this course will transform the way you write your CV!
  • It will take the stress out of writing your CV and will give you the best chance of succeeding in landing that job.


I have helped so many people over the years to their PERFECT CV and I want to help you too!

Why would you want to create a CV that is perfect for you?

  • Competition is high for each job, you are the seller and the employer is the buyer.
  • You are the product and your CV is your packaging.
  • The CV is often the first thing to be seen by the buyer, so this is your advertisement or marketing tool, it needs to be able to sell you.
  • You have to be convincing and leaving the buyer wanting to know more about you, otherwise it will go in the bin.

I can help you to the CV that leaves the buyer wanting to know more, and therefore getting you that Interview where you can get in front of them and wow them!


  • You have been applying for jobs and just not getting that interview.
  • You want to stand out from the crowd in a competitive market.
  • You know your CV isn’t working for you but you have no idea where to start with building a new one.
  • You have never had a CV and suddenly you are back in the job market and are in need of one.
  • You are wanting a change of career and you need to create a CV that will help you to get that change.
  • You are feeling fed up and deflated by getting overlooked for interview.


  • How a CV should look and its layout
  • How to create the Perfect Personal Profile.
  • How and why the personal information that you put on your CV matters.
  • How to identify your strengths and Key Skills.
  • How to use your past experiences on your CV
  • How your hobbies should be written on your CV.
What will you get?

There will be a fantastic range of tools for you to use including videos, checklists, templates and a workbook.

Plus a Facebook support group!