A few weeks ago I got out of my comfort zone completely as I participated in something I have always wanted to do, I signed up for a four day acting course in a London Drama School. 

As an amateur performer I have always had a desire to have some professional training and learn from true professionals.  After speaking with the owner, I signed up to The Poor School an established and well known school in London. I soon received an email advising me to learn a monologue of our choice from a Shakespeare play in preparation for the week.

I’ve been on stage for many years as well as presenting to large groups in a professional setting including conferences. However, I have never felt so overwhelmed trying to learn something that was so out of my comfort zone.  The thought of ‘acting’ this terrified me, my North East accent seemed to sound stronger each time I spoke.

Well I arrived ready to unleash my jazz hands!

After the first lesson of voice, where I had to try and locate my diaphragm, releasing my deeper chest voice.  I soon realised that I could use what I was learning in both my everyday as well as working life.  As the week progressed really well, the time arrived when I had to perform the dreaded Shakespeare in front of my class.  All I can say is that I will never be a serious Shakespeare actress!! My feedback wasn’t too bad such and I gave it a good try anyway.

The week went on and I learnt so much about myself, I faced and overcame fears and found coping mechanisms when faced with new challenges.   The highlight of the week was learning to stage fight, doing things such as pulling hair and slapping so that it didn’t hurt my opponent.   Wow the adrenalin kicked in and my inner ninja came out!

Why am I telling you about this you may ask?  If you are ever offered to do a course that you may feel is going to be useless for you, think again! It may be the best course you have ever been on and may give you some new skills that could be used in any part of you life.  These skills could help you to progress in your job or to stand out in an interview.

Go on get out of your comfort zone and learn some stand out skills!


Mel x

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