I love the month of September as it always feel like the start of new beginnings and a new year.  Dating back to my schooldays when September signalled the start of all things exciting.  Meeting up with school friends, new beginnings, new  school year, new class, new teacher, new uniform and best of all new stationary!

Anyone that knows me will be familiar will my love of stationary, especially new notebooks!  I love that feeling of opening a new book and writing on the first page in my best handwriting and keeping it all fresh and neat.  It’s like being given a second chance to do things right.

After the long summer holidays and the back to school posters start to appear in the shops, I get that familiar itch and the resurfacing of those familiar feelings of returning to school or the start of something new.  The excitement in the air of new possibilities ahead. 

I feel re-energised and I feel that I am ready to become the best possible version of myself.  Yes, for me September is the new January and the best time to make my resolutions for the coming year.  These mid-year pledges come without the guilt of breaking them because it’s a new beginning that isn’t usually spoken about.  There is also less pressure from everyone around us to keep our resolutions.

As the trees start to change and signal the start of autumn with all of the beautiful golds and reds that accompany the season, this is the time to start to plan for the year ahead.  I’ve decided to have a reboot and start doing things that make me feel good and have a positive impact in my life. As well as my new healthy lifestyle, I’m hoping to gain a qualification that will recognise my knowledge and skills.

Are you wanting to retrain for a new career?  Gain new skills that can enhance your career in order to gain promotion?  Or do you simply start to look for a new job or position?

Is September the month of your new beginnings too?  I know it’s definitely mine!

Mel x