Well it’s the last day of 2015 and what a year it has been, it’s been a year of ups and downs but I’m ending the year stronger, feeling positive, oh and married!

Did I achieve everything I set out to achieve? No, but I feel that have made huge progress and I’m getting there. My plan for 2015 didn’t really get going until halfway through the year and it changed course from the original but it’s a work in progress and I’m happy with the route its taking.

Did I change the world? No, but hopefully I have changed someone’s life for the better with one of my courses and sharing my skills and knowledge

Did I learn some new skills? Yes, I have learnt skills that I can use both in business and in my day to day life. This time last year I knew nothing about using Social Media in business but I feel so much more confident using it.

Am I happy? Yes I can truly say I am happy, I’ve doubted myself many times and questioned my ability but I’m doing what I love and I’m more than happy to share my knowledge and experiences.

If the year hasn’t been everything you’d hoped for and you haven’t got to where you want to be, don’t be too hard on yourself. Start planning what you want and break them down into bite-sized achievable pieces and make 2016 the year you achieve your dreams and goals.

So let’s say goodbye to 2015 and hello my new friend 2016. I can’t wait to see what you will bring.


Happy New Year

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Mel x